How to Backup iPad Picture to PC - Transfer Picture to PC

Sometimes, for this reason or that, you may lose your important materials on your iPad tablet, such as being affected by virus. If so, what should you do? In case of it, most of us will choose another memory, like computer, to restore it. Then how to restore it from your iPad to your computer? iTunes? No, it is so complex, for it can only be used after download. Here we recommend you another tool which is easy to use--iPad Manager. Apart from restoring photos to your PC, you can transfer videos, music and ePub to PC. It is easy not only to download but also to operate. The following is the way to copy or transfer images from iPad to PC. You will enjoy a wonderful life with free try of iPad Manager.

How to backup iPad Picture to PC?

Step 1: Free download the iPad software, and then follow the steps to install and run it. Then you can see an interface like this.


Step II: Connect your iPad tablet to your computer.

Step III: Copy your pictures to the computer

First open the file of "Photo" on the left file list and select pictures which need to store.
Then click "export to PC" button and in the dialog box select the destination folder to restore them.

Finally, click "OK" to finish your operation of backup.


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