How to Transfer iPad Files to Mac - Transfer Files to Mac

As is known to all iPad users, if one wants to transfer iPad files to Mac, the only way is to realize it with the help of iTunes barring using iPad manager. While if using iTunes, you have to wait for its download and its recognition of files on iPad, which is time-consuming and complex. However, using the iPad manager to transfer files, you will find it is easy to transfer or back up files from iPad to Mac, including videos, music, photos and ePub. Take music for example, I will tell you how to copy iPad files to Mac in the following paragraph. Try it and enjoy your life with iPad Manager.

How to Transfer iPad Files to Mac?

First, download the software--iPad Manager for Mac, install and run it.

Second, connect your iPad to Mac. You will see an interface like this.

Third: export your files to Mac
Open the corresponding file. For example, if you want to transfer music, then click "Music" node in the left file list and check the music you want in the right content panel. There are five buttons at the bottom of the interface, click the "export to Mac" button to transfer iPad files to Mac.


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