How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPad - Transfer Videos to iPad

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular for people to learn something by watching videos on line. However, though popular, it is not convenient to go everywhere with a PC. Then portable iPad becomes the best choice of most people. Thus, how to transfer videos from PC to iPad quickly and easily catches the attention of more and more people. The traditional way of transfer files has to be used with the assistance of iTunes, while iPad Manager makes it easy. Using iPad Manager, you can not only transfer videos from PC to iPad, but copy other files like music and pictures. In a word, your life with iPad Manager will be much easier. Now keep reading the following paragraph, you will know how to transfer videos from PC to iPad.

How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPad?

Step I: Download and Connection
Free download iPad Manager Software on your computer, and follow the steps to install and run it. Then an interface like this will pop up. interface
At that time, you can have your iPad and PC connected.

Step II: Import video from PC to iPad

1. While the program detect your Device, select "Movies" in the left device node, then click Import file(s) button to choose the video file(s) you want to add in the dialog box that opens, and import them to your device.
2. You can also convert video to the formats supported by iPad, then import them to iPad. click Convert Video/Audio node in the Device Panel to open the converting Video/Audio interface.

Click Add File(s) button to choose video files in the dialog that opens. All the video/audio files will be shown in the right file list. Click the drop-down button beside the "Profile" and choose a iPad compatible video format. After all the settings, check the video you need to transfer. Click "Convert to Devices" button, the file can be imported to device automatically after converting.


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